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ET Breakup Winners

Hello all!! This is devils_sucubus, your new mod for hidden_pssns. I'm wondering if people are still interested in keeping this community up even those Passions is getting canceled. So if you're still interested, please comment yes to this post. And I have winners from the Rome and ET Breakup Challenge from back in 2006. There is only one winner from the Rome challenge but luckily the winners haven't gotten rid of their pictures yet from the ET Breakup challenge.

First Place: lovetogosssip

ET Breakup Challenge:
First Place: spacexcowboy

Second Place: spacexcowboy Congrats on your double win!

Third Place: americangrl69

For this challenge, please go over to cb_overflow if you wanted a banner.

If I get enough people wanting to keep this community open, I'll have a new challenge up on Sunday. So you have a week to comment on whether you want this community alive or not!
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