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Challenge #1

Alright, since I've gotten some good responses, I'm going to open this community up again. Depending on how this first challenge goes will depend on whether I decide to keep it up. So, please submit your icons and pimp out the fact that this community is up and running again.

Favorite Character
As it is said, your icon must feature one of your favorite characters. Not all of your icons need to be of the same person, but as long as it's one of your favorite.

Some places you can find screencaps:
passions_caps, GET Passionate, Lindsay Hartley

  • You can submit up to four icons.
  • Icons are due March 28th, 2008 9:00 PM EST
  • Icons must adhere to LJ standards (100x100px, 40kbs, etc)
  • Do NOT post your icons anywhere else until this challenge is over
  • Any questions, please feel free to ask
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